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Being a millionaire symbolizes wealth and success around the world. Since most of us are still "en route" to achieving that goal, Millionaires in Motion is pleased to offer you this very special currency. Printed by the American Bank Note Company (ABNC), the Million Dollar Bill is available to you directly through MIM. The technology used in printing the Million Dollar Bill is identical to the technology used in printing actual currency. In fact, the Million Dollar Bill is so sophisticated, you might think it's real money...but it's not!

Each bill is serialized with a unique number and incorporates special features and effects. The intaglio printing gives the Million Dollar Bill the look and feel of real money, a distinctive touch found only in currency. Look for hidden messages that appear when held at specific angles in the light; in fact, when using an ultra-violet lamp, vivid fluorescent messages of success and prosperity appear. Microprinting, only seen with a microscope and virtually unable to be counterfeited, guarantees the authenticity of this unique motivational tool. 

Use for recognition, encouragement, conversation starters ("Do you have change for a million...?") or just as your own keepsake to remind you of the prosperity that awaits you. 

Here's what you can do with your $1,000,000 bill:

  • Use as a reward for achieving a new level
  • Promote an organizational contest or event
  • Use as a special gift for a guest speaker
  • Put in your money clip
  • Use a conversation starter
  • Frame it for your desk or office wall
Protected in a removable plastic sleeve, the Million Dollar Bill comes in its own wallet with a certificate of authenticity and a document explaining its fascinating history.


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